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Farber Ballet, Inс

Leonid Farber founded Leonid Farber School of Ballet in the year 2000. Students age 3 to 20 from Russia, Ukraine and other countries have been brought together by the love of dance and desire to preserve the tradition and culture of Russian Ballet. 

Farber Ballet, Inс

In addition to our dance program we offer Piano, Electric Guitar and Art lessons.
Costumes for the performances are made in Ukraine by Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Students and professional dancers of Leonid Farber School of Ballet performed at Nayana Festival, events at American Art Foundation and on stage at Tribeca Performing Russian Arts Center in Manhattan.

Farber Ballet, Inc.
1123 Ocean View Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

(718) 812-4391
(718) 864-1453

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