BALLET - A complete graded system offering ballet techniques in the Russian method.

POINTE - For advanced students, by teacher recommendation only.

PRE-BALLET - Classes designed to enhance the creative ability, coordination and musicality of children between the ages of 3 to 5.

MODERN AND TAP - Classes offered utilize a graded system consisting of baree, centre and flow exercises. Classes emphasize speed, clarity of sound, rhythm as well as training in combinations and routines.

STRETCH CLASS - A class designed to establish a “correct foundation” in gymnastics and emphasize skills in strength, limbering and tumbling routines.

PIANO and GUITAR LESSONS - Whether exploring piano and guitar for the first time, or you are an advanced player, you need a teacher who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our experienced and encouraging teachers will help you read, understand and play music.

ART - In this class the teacher shares the techniques of creating fabric collages with children and introduces them to great pieces of art, poetry and music.

Farber Ballet, Inc.
1123 Ocean View Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

(718) 812-4391
(718) 864-1453

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