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My daughter started attending Farber Ballet school since 2.4 years old, She's in love ever since. I am so glad i took her to this school. Teachers are amazing and very talented very caring. This school is truly amazing!!!! I couldn't ask for a better school then this. Very happy!!!

I love Farber Ballet School. It's a great experience and I've been with them for 7 1/2 years. They have modern classes, ballet classes and mommy and me classes. It's a wonderful ballet school. All the shows are amazing. There's a reason I gave this review a five star for Farber Ballet.

My daughter has been attending Farber Ballet school since February 2015, she is in love with all the teachers and loves to dance. I couldn't be more happier that my daughter is in this school!!! Thank you to all the teachers for all your work, your talent and the ability to teach my daughter since she was 2.4 years old. 5+


Absolutely wonderful! Teachers are fun to work with and are very kind! I have went here since I was 3 and I cannot even express the amount of things I have learned! Also, they got me ready for the middle school test and I got it with a very high score, just like all of my friends from my ballet class! I definitely recommend this ballet school! Trust me, this one is a one that you will never regret!

Great school, amazing productions, wonderful teachers. Real opportunity for children to achieve their dreams on a professional stage. Dancing and listening of a classical music brings joy and happiness to children's inner world. Leonid Farber is a very talented and professional ballet teacher. He loves children and they love him back. He feels the ability of each student and develops and improves their talents. Wonderful working atmosphere in this school. It's very inspiring and simply beautiful. Good luck for many years!

I've signed up my 6 year for summer classes and couldn't be happier. This is a great place with true professionals on every level. The program is really diverse, each class includes ballet, stretching, and modern sections hosted by different teachers. Each child gets individual attention. The whole atmosphere is friendly for both kids as well as parents. I've tried a couple of different dancing companies, and Farbel Ballet is by far the best place.

Farber Ballet is VERY professional ballet school AND it offers friendly but firm teaching environment for even sensitive little kids. It brings together beautiful and highly professional younger generation of teachers, who are still active performers, as well as old school of russian ballet, with all its classical beauty and everything else that we call a BALLET! Who wants at least a little bit to dance, will develop a passion for dancing in this school. Great place for kids, and very very pleasant teachers, who are really gifted in teaching.

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